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COOLMAX® UPF fabric brings certified UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) standards to the garment category, assuring consumers of their choice of UV protection for sportswear, outdoor apparel and activewear.  Three UPF standards are available, with 40+ blocking 97.5% of all UV rays.  COOLMAX® UPF fabric helps keep consumers not only cool, but also protected from harmful UV rays*.

Applications for COOLMAX® UPF fabric with UPF rating include activewear, golf and tennis apparel, casual and outdoor wear.

The table below identifies the available UPF ratings for COOLMAX® fabrics, and the criteria for achieving them in COOLMAX® fabric performance testing.

UPF Classification System

UPF Rating (hangtag) UPF Range UV Rays Blocked (%) Protection Category
15+ 15-24 93.3-95.8 Good protection
25+ 25-40 95.9-97.4 Very good protection
40+ 40-50+ >97.5 Excellent protection

UPF represents the fabrics ability to reduce UV transmissions

* COOLMAX® UPF fabric is tested using accepted testing methodology to meet the appropriate UPF rating.

COOLMAX® is a trademark of INVISTA.